On-Site EMC Services

Serving Palm Beach County, Martin County, and St. Lucie County

Add These On-Site Services To Your Office!

Please call (888) 936-2362 to schedule your On-Site EMC’s.

Joint Injections
Trigger Point Injections
Ultrasound-guided Injections
Intramuscular Injections

EMC’s can be performed in YOUR office by our licensed, experienced Nurse Practitioners.  There’s no reason to send your patients out of your office and there is NO OUT-OF-POCKET COST TO YOU.  Our service offers the complete EMC at your clinic, including the evaluation, records, and Emergency Medical Condition determination form.  All EMC determinations are provided to you at the end of the visit with the required EMC form so you can submit to the insurance carrier showing proof of the EMC. 

Additionally, on the same days EMCs are scheduled in your office or at a follow up appointment at your request, our Nurse Practitioners can also perform trigger-point injections, joint injections, intramuscular injections, and ultrasound-guided injections if medically warranted.  We accept LOP’s for all injections and will negotiate our reimbursement with the attorney at the end of the case.

Please call for more specific details on how we can implement a medical practice in your office at no cost to you!